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If your child has difficulty keeping their teeth clean, dental sealants can provide an additional line of defense. At NJ Kids Pediatric Group, family dentist Simar Nagyal, DMD, uses dental sealants to keep children’s teeth healthy and cavity-free. To make an appointment for your child at the practice in Union, New Jersey, call the office or book online today.

Sealants Q&A

What are sealants?

A dental sealant is a protective barrier for your child’s teeth. It’s a thin, plastic coating that provides a semi-permanent barrier, preventing harmful bacteria from damaging the tooth enamel. 

Once a sealant is applied to your child’s teeth, it shields the enamel from food particles, plaque, and bacteria. That allows your child’s teeth to stay healthy for years to come.

Who can benefit from sealants?

NJ Kids Pediatric Group recommends sealants for most children age six and older. That’s because the molars (the teeth at the very back of your child’s mouth) come in during that time. By applying sealants to your child’s molars after they first emerge, it’s possible to significantly reduce the risk of cavities and other issues.

What does getting sealants involve?

Getting sealants is a quick, convenient, and pain-free process. 

On the day of your child’s appointment, their NJ Kids Pediatric Group provider carefully cleans and polishes their teeth. Afterward, they apply an acidic gel to your child’s teeth. The gel makes their tooth enamel rough, helping the sealant form a stronger and longer-lasting bond.

Your child’s NJ Kids Pediatric Group provider cleans the gel off their teeth and applies the sealant in its place. Then, they point a special blue light at your child’s tooth, hardening the sealant. 

Can sealants be placed on top of a cavity?

Yes. If your child has a small cavity, their NJ Kids Pediatric Group provider might recommend placing a sealant over it. The sealant material is clear, so your child’s dentist can monitor the affected tooth at each checkup. If your child’s provider notices the cavity getting worse at any point, they can remove the sealant and apply a filling in its place.

Are sealants safe?

Sealants are safe and usually well-tolerated. That said, they contain small amounts of the plastic BPA. If your child is allergic, let their provider know. Sealants shouldn’t cause any issues, but it’s a good idea to alert them just in case.

How long do sealants last?

Sealants last an average of two to three years and sometimes longer. At each of your child’s dental exams, their NJ Kids Pediatric Group provider assesses the condition of their sealants. If necessary, they can remove the old sealants and apply new ones during your child’s visit.

To see if your child can benefit from sealants, make an appointment at NJ Kids Pediatric Group by calling the office or scheduling online today.